Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bobbe J. Thompson

Thats the little kid from Role Models.
Boy got some hands haha

Friday, November 27, 2009


Kinda went ghost on here for a quick minute but its cause of these damn tests and what no that I've been having. I had my little Urkel moment basically haha
But yea man alotta stuff been happening since the last post but I'm not gonna sit here and list them.

What really caught my attention tho was The Carter documentary. This shit was off the chain. Dont wanna sound like a groupie but it was beyond dope. I respect Lil Wayne much more now. If ya aint seen it, then I suggest you get on that.
Til next time.... Peace, love, and souulllll haha


Monday, November 2, 2009

Observe and Report

So I was having a little chit chat with a friend not too long ago, and we was talking bout how people are who they associate with. Meaning that we tend to act like those we chill with and hang out with. Shit is kinda crazy cause its true. You associate with crazy people, then you will slowly become that crazy person. If you chill with negative people, then its most likely you gonna become a negative minded person too. I dont know it kinda made me think so now I'm writing about it cause I thought it was interesting.

Another thing thats pretty interesting is this video.. Has nothing to do with what I was talking bout but it had me weak!
Girl in the black murked the other one haha

Young Khalifa

Its about damn time!
Wiz Khalifa dropped another mixtape.. It has been highly anticipated by yours truly.
This is gonna be the highlight of my week.
The cover is super dope too

On the other hand Halloween was gay as fuck! Shit was a total screw up if ya ask me.
Cant wait til turkey day tho =)
Enjoy putos

Burn After Rolling: